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Stuart Hardy Tribal Leader - Spain


Former Director of Executive Education at the Berlin School of Creative Leadership and Independent Creative Transformation specialist with over 35 years business, organisational and people development experience in Fortune 500 companies worldwide.


"As we move into the 4th Industrial Revolution people will look back at this time  and say -'That's when IT started'. At New Cannibals we will be part of making IT happen"


Over 35 years organisational and people development experience in Fortune 500 companies worldwide.

Clients: over 100 including

Bosch, BASF, ABB, Telekom, T-Systems, Volkswagen, SAP, Bayer, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Shire, GEC, BMW, Audi, Ford, Vauxhall, Radisson Hotels, British Airways, Emirates, Lufthansa, The Health Service, The Houses of Parliament, Ofsted, Deutsche Bahn, Deutsche post, Shencker, Henkel, Parity Solutions, Harman and Reimer, JWT, Grupo Padrao, DDB, McCann, Spark 44, Cannes Lions, Radiodays, BBC, MCN, 4A's Malaysia, IBM,  SEAT, OMB, BBDO, Grey, Dentsu, General Electric, Hughes Corporation, Rathion, Alcatel, Marconi, Coca-Cola, Heineken, PWC, Accenture, Mercedes Marketing Academy, Airbus Business Academy, MANTurbo, WEFRA, Samsung, Rathion


Andi Roberts - Warrior UK

Andi Roberts has over 20 years of experience in training and organisational development working with people of all levels in an organisation from Shop floor through to the boardroom. With Spain as his home base for over 15 years, Andi has extensive multicultural experience, and has worked in over 25 countries.
A hugely qualified creative consultant Andi's role at New Cannibals is to reimagine education for the corporate sector - and move the Tribe into a new era of curated learning experiences 

Post Grad Certificate “Systems thinking in  Practice” – Open University, England

Professional Diploma in Management - Open  University, England 

Masters Degree in Business Administration   (MBA) - Open University, England Specialisations in Innovation &  Change, Business Strategy, Knowledge Management. Strategic Human Resource  Management.

Masters Degree in Science – Systems Thinking Practice - Open University, England 

A range of psychometric instruments      including: MBTI,  Firo-B, CPI 260, Lominger “Leadership Architect” &  “Team Architect” and experience in a range of other leadership / team / sales instruments.

Professional Certified Coach  (International  Coach Federation)

Certified Professional Facilitator      (International Association of Facilitators)


Tobias Abdulrahim Voigt - Warrior Germany


Tobias is a director of board and shareholder of an established marketing boutique in Germany. He is responsible for the agency's creative product as well as the department for digital automation, 


"In the next era of transformation, reaching global business gold medals will be possible only for those who are setting an economically balanced runway - for cost-neutral new value cultivation.


>25 Years

>10 Countries

>100 best-in-class clients from FinTech, Tourism, FMCG, Tobacco and Industry


 ArcelorMittal, Bayer, Dannemann Cigars, DB Schenker, Dominos Pizza, Fosun, Granini Group, heidelpay group, Henkel, Hines, Metro Group, Nestlé, Société Générale, Thomas Cook Group, Unilever 


Jan -Wouter Offringa - Warrior Netherlands


Jan-Wouter is an experienced creative consultant with passion for renewing value propositions with a unique skill-combination of martech access as well as marketing- and deep technical IT-knowledge.


Even if transformations are small or seemed not so relevant, they often result in a decisive edge in an always accelerating competition with other brands or companies. 


> to long

> missed a few countries

> still not yet enough clients served


Wibra , Johnson Diversey, Ohra, Achmea, Nedermann, Stannah, Valspar, Openmomumentendag & Nationaalkmonumentenportaal...

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