Feast yourselves on more canvases -thanks to Andi Roberts


Wealth Management

Developed and shared with me by Dr Claude Diderich,  The wealth management canvas provides a holistic framework for designing, discussing, testing, and documenting wealth management solutions. There is a really excellent talk through HERE. I would also recommend read hid work on adding value to the original Business Model Canvas. I would say that these variations are an essential read. They can be found HERE. Another excellent resource is his work on “Initiating the Strategy Process Using Design Thinking”, a really good paper that explores a simplified Business Model Canvas. It can be found HERE.


Branding components

Developed by Hans van Gent, this canvas looks at pulling of of the components of a brand onto one template by working through The Story, the Symbols and the Strategy, which are the three essential elements of brand. Further very detailed information can be found HERE.



Developed by Karl Scotland, this canvas helps work through the thinking process to create a Kanban system or introduce Kanban thinking. A range of resources on the canvas can be downloaded from HERE. THIS page has a nice PREZI overview. Thanks to Susan Almon for sharing this with me via twitter!


Service Model

Developed by Neil Turner, this canvas, as the name suggests, has been designed to create and refine services. The Service Model Canvas asks a number of questions about the service, such as who are the users? Why would someone use the service? What competition is out there? The canvas is not intended to capture every detail about a service, but instead as a set of thought starters. You can read about the original thoughts about the canvas HERE. The canvas has now been updated (new version shown below) and can be found HERE. Thanks again to Susan Almon for sharing this with me via twitter!


People (Stakeholder)

Developed by Asim Mehr, This canvas helps think through stakeholder engagement when planning a significant project or change. An overview of the canvas can be found HERE. You can also download an editable PowerPoint version of the canvas HERE. Once again, I am indebted to Susan Almon for sharing this with me!


Growth Hacking

Developed by Alex Cowan, This canvas helps plan and launch a growth initiative. There is a really good overview HERE.



Developed by Jake Nelson, This canvas provides the building blocks for brand creation. A really thorough walk through and additional resources can be found HERE.


Brand Thinking

Developed by The Brandling this canvas helps you think through and plan your personal brand. A user guide can be purchased from their website HERE. Looks interesting, but this is one of the very few resources I have found that need a payment.


Team Working Agreement (Scrum)

Developed by Avi Schneier of Scrum Inc, this canvas is a team canvas like a few others already posted here, but with a focus on use within Scrum teams. A description of the canvas can be found HERE. A pdf blank canvas can be found HERE. Thanks to Jack Martin Leith for bringing this to my attention over on LinkedIn.


The Social Business Model

There are a couple of these that I have seen and a few are already included. This one, outlined by The Broker and created by Vert-Jan Quak / SubSoda has a really good explanation and solid visual base. You can find a great deal of information including case studies and an excellent reference list HERE. A set of amazing resources can be found HERE.


The Community

This canvas has been designed to help people build more meaningful communities and is split into three sections: Experience (red), identity (blue) and structure (green). A full overview can be found HERE. Examples of the canvas in use can be found HERE. The canvas has been translated into a range of languages.


Work Choice

Developed by Steffen Frischat , This canvas helps you re-assess your role / job and gets you to consider why you do what you do OR where could you do what you would like to do. It connects very well with Business Model You / Business Model canvas over HERE. You can read more about the idea and work through the canvas with a clear guide created by Steffen HERE. You can print out a larger PDF of the image below HERE.



Developed by Alexy Pikulev, This canvas as it names suggests, helps team work on various facets that help build interpersonal trust. For an overview and access to the canvas in multiple languages visit HERE.


Agile project

This canvas, developed by Ardita Karaj, combines the initial project planning with a visual board to run the project. for more information, visit HERE.



The Culture Canvas, developed by Kevin Weijers helps teams, particularly project teams, develop clarity about how they wish to work together. For more information, including, an ebook on the topic, visit HERE.



Developed by Ben Crothers at Atlassian, The Experience Canvas is a framework for project teams of any size to ensure that the end result, is thorough, considered, user-centred and lean, without compromising on flexibility. The emphasis is on clarifying the experience to be achieved by the project. For a good overview of the canvas and a pdf template, visit HERE. I met Ben this summer at EUViz, and highly recommend his book Presto Sketching.


Minimim Viable Brand

This canvas, developed by Jeremiah Gardner, allows you to develop and iterate a brand. Its author suggests it is both a tool to sketch out your ideas and a diagnostic tool allowing you to measure the growth of your relationship with your audience through successive canvases, experiments, learnings, and iterations. This canvas is one of four visual tools that make up the Lean Brand Stack. For further information on the canvas, the complete stack and the boos that supports them, head HERE. A PDF download of the canvas can be found HERE.


Collaborative Innovation

Developed by Tim Woods, this canvas allows people to innovate more effectively by collaborating. Tim focuses on three core areas that require clarity: Alignment, People and Processes. A good overview can be found HERE. This page also has a link to a 32 page document that explains the canvas and its uses (you will need to give up email / name for this).


Problem-Solution Fit

This very elegant canvas, developed by Daria Nepriakhina , helps entrepreneurs, marketers and corporate innovators identify behavioral patterns and recognize what would work and why. It is a template to help identify solutions with higher chances of solution adoption, reduce time spent on testing and get a better overview of the current situation. She has written a great Medium article, which can be found HERE. She has also created a website on it HERE which provides a deeper view and also gives you access to a workbook (name / email required).


Design Ops

Developed by the team from Xplane Inc, this canvas helps an organisation think through the creation of a Design Operationss team or department. The canvas itself is actually a pretty good basis for thinking about any team or department beyond design. You can find a good write up of how to use it over at the Gamestorming.com website HERE. You can get a PDF of the canvas from the Xplane website HERE (require name, email and host of other information).



Developed by Petr Adamek, Vanessa Clark and Matt Currie of PitchPlanner, this canvas helps you or a team work through the thinking in order to develop a crisp pitch. Information on the canvas can be found HERE. You can download a .pdf of the canvas from the site, but you will need to share it socially in order to access the file itself. [Number 45 in the collection is also a Pitch canvas]



Developed by Bart Doorneweert, has been designed to facilitate conversations around creating effective partnerships. You can find a really good write up and explanation HERE. You can get a downloadable version of the canvas from Slideshare HERE.



This canvas, developed by Martin Alaimo founder of Kleer, helps coaches structure and develop a coaching conversation. I particularly like the way it looks at goals, barriers and accelerants to achieving the goal, as well as having space for action planning. You can find more information about the canvas and supporting resources HERE. It is also available in Spanish.


Consumer trends

This canvas, developed by the team at Trendwatching, allows you understand a current trend and then design/adapt a product or service to piggy back on the trend in your business. A great walkthrough can be found HERE.To access a really good PDF that walks you through the canvas, visit HERE.


Future of work

This canvas, developed by Chris Lake, provides a simple framework for thinking about what changes may impact an organisation and therefore what the organisation may have to adapt to be ready for those changes. You can get more information on the canvas and request a larger version from the author HERE.



Developed by Sergio Jiménez, CEO of AiWin, this canvas allows you to consider the ideas and mechanics of gamification into non “play” areas of an organisation. The original post on this canvas can be found HERE (in Spanish). A large pdf can be found HERE. (English document).


Brand Strategy

This canvas, created by Patrick Woods, helps you work through the brand development process and is pretty self explanatory. Background information can be found on an article HERE. A PDF of the the canvas can be found HERE.


Grab interest

This canvas, developed by Clemens Frowein and the Upgrade Team, helps organisations plan their transformations visually. You can find out more about the origins of this canvas and how it was developed in an interview with Clemens HERE. THIS slide deck provides a deeper overview. THIS articles explains some important aspects of transformation design.


Platform design

This canvas, developed by Simone Cicero helps companies and organization leverage the power of ecosystems to grow and reach outstanding results that cannot be reached independently. This is probably, bar the Strategyzer canvases, the best developed set of canvas resources I have seen. Visit HERE to download all of the supporting resources (descriptions and additional canvases). If you want to develop a canvas and supporting resources, this is the standard to follow!


Digital platform

Following on in the themes of platforms, this canvas, developed ICSB, by helps you explore how to create and sustain a digital platform. There is a very brief overview of the canvas HERE. A more developed article in Dutch can be found HERE.

About Us


4 Change

The Canvas4Change, developed by Frank Sazama helps plan, reflect and readjust organisations change / transformation. You can find a 10 slide overview HERE on SlideShare. The website for the concept is HERE.


Project (design)

This canvas, developed by Jim Kalbach helps you to have a broad overview of a design project. Jim walks through the canvas in a very clear article HERE. You can download a large .pdf of the canvas HERE.


Project Initiation (Service Design)

Developed by Veronica Lai, this canvas provides a starting point for creating or improving a service. An explanation with supporting tools can be found in an issuu document HERE.


Marketing Campaign

This canvas developed by Get It Comms, helps put together a clear marketing campaign plan. An overview of the canvas can be found HERE [I could not get the zip files with templates to download]. The best source for an empty canvas is the SlideShare file, which can be downloaded HERE.


Negotiation Canvas

Developed by Pablo Restrepo and Stephanie Wolcott, this canvas helps you plan for a negotiation process. The canvas seems to be very similar to the ideas from the Harvard Negotiation Method, published in the book “Getting to Yes” by Fisher & Ury (see HERE). The website has great resources and the canvas in a range of languages. This can be accessed HERE.


Wise Cluster

Developed by Lorenzo del Marmol, This canvas broadens out the initial scope of the Business Model Canvas and a few other canvases and combines them to make a “macro” business canvas. Not so much is written up about it, but basic information can be found HERE.


Research to Impact

The Research to Impact canvas, developed by Anneliese Poetz &  David Phipps and for Kids Brain Health provides a one page planning tool for sketching out the integrated research, Knowledge Translation (KT) and commercialization activities while budgeting for each activity. Partners, target audiences, and other considerations that are all part of a full KT or Commercialization plan can be planned alongside the research activities. In this way, this tool encourages the user to think about the usefulness (value proposition to the end user, because of the needs they are addressing with the work) of their research, in conjunction with (NOT isolated or separate from) their KT and/or Commercialization plan.

All of the resources including guide and blank template related to this canvas, can be found HERE. This page also has a pile of other great resources, a real treasure trove!


Civic Tech Project Planning

This canvas, developed by Diego Hernandez & Vanessa Sanchez for Open Austin,  helps plan and roll out projects. Whilst focused on Civi Tech, the canvas has the fundamentals for any project. A description of the canvas and links to .pdf and .psd (plus fonts) can be found HERE. [Keen to link to authors, so if you are them, please reach out]


Media planning

This canvas, developed by Jaime Fernández Puente is a double canvas that helps plan and then track a media marketing campaign. There is a VERY brief description in Spanish HERE although it is pretty self explanatory if you have a marketing / media background. You can access the canvas template (.ppt and .pdf) in Spanish and English via a zip file HERE.


Project Review

This more artistic canvas, created by Hannah Sanford, crosses the realm between a “Grove” style visual template AND a “Pure” canvas. As the name suggests, it helps a team review a project or event. You can find more information about the template HERE. Thanks to José Luis Anzizar for bringing this to my attention!


Digital Leadership

Developed by Christiane Brandes-Visbeck, The Digital Leadership Canvas is a tool that allows you to think through and plan your personal digital transformation. As a roadmap, it shows you where you are right now and what you can do to achieve your goals.  A German language description can be found HERE  [Google Translation into English HERE]. The English .PDF Canvas can be downloaded HERE [German HERE].


Empathy Map

I have been doubting right from the start of developing these two blog posts, whether I should include the empathy map or not. In the end, with the latest version of the map, developed by Dave Grey and the Xplane team, I have decided to add it in, as it is waymore thorough than the previous version. I also thought I should include it as it is such a popular visual template, although I am not sure if it is a canvas per se. You can find a great write up on Medium HERE. You can get a large .PDF version HERE.


Leadership Development

Whilst the last two canvases were around personal leadership reflection, I thought I would finish off with a broader organisational leadership development canvas. Created by the Centre for Creative Leadership by Bert De Coutere, this helps an organisation plan and deliver its leadership talent pipeline. You can read about the canvas HERE.


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